Harrys Monday Wine&Dine (E)


  • 27. März 2023
  • 19:00


  • Gasthof zum Bären,
  • Kirchstrasse 7,
  • 5413 Birmenstorf,


  • CHF 149

From Harry’s cellar and James kitchen

Genussabend Surinam / Südfrankreich

Harrys Monday Wine&Dine
Surinam / South France Evening 27. March 2023

Suriname is with it's 160'000 m2 the small country in the North East of Latin America .
As a former Dutch colony the official language is Dutch but 30% of inhabitants speak a second national language such as English, Hindustani and Sranang-Tongo.
Suriname has a very rich variety of culture among the 700.000 inhabitants. The largest part of the population are descendants from Asia and Africa and live in the very north of the country while 80% of the country is covered by a dense untouched rainforest.
The local cuisine is full of flavours characterized by the influence of the different cultures.
Due to the coastal proximity fish is the national food, yet meat is very much preferred.
We, the Bāren-Team, will try to give the most loved dished out of the Indian, Javenese and Creolian cuisine.
I am (James) very proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to present to you my country and will try to make it as authentic as possible. And me (Harry)  i gone serve my favorite Wines from the Sout of France, there are many treasures to be discovered.

Suriname Tavolata.

Roti, chickpeas, aubergine Chokha, coconut chokha, phulauri+chutney, bakabana

Peanut soup, pulled chicken + plantain

Nasigoreng, steamed beef
Casaba, green plantain, potatoes and karaila with salted bakal

Tavolata and 5 Wines

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